Unique gadgets for garden lovers! 

  Nowadays there’s a gadget for almost everything. Not least of which comes gardening, where there are a multitude of devices to help you accomplish chores outside. From simple solar powered garden lights to automatic lawn mowers, you can get all kinds of high tech equipment to make garden life easier. However, you can also … Read more

Review: Encase Wireless Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard Case – 9-10 Inch

  Do you like the thought of the Touch covers that are available for the Surface range from Microsoft? With their extremely thin profile, and the subtle protection they provide the Surface tablets, they are a great accessory to have. However, if you do not own a Surface tablet/device, or just do not fancy spending … Read more

Review – Olixar 2-in-1 Micro USB and Lightning Cable Key

  When is a keyring not a keyring? When it incorporates extra features. While people like Swiss Knife/Victorinox have been on the act for ages, the digital world we live in has been asking for something new, and Olixar seem to have the answer in their 2-in-1 Micro USB and Lightning Cable. So what is … Read more

High-Tech Home: The Latest Gadgets to Help You Care for Your Home

With many innovations over the last decade, household gadgets have become much simpler and easier to use while offering more customization and personalization than ever before. According to a study by iNetworks, 50 percent of consumers plan on purchasing an advanced home technology product within the next year, and it’s estimated that the home technology … Read more