High-Tech Home: The Latest Gadgets to Help You Care for Your Home

Video intercom in the entry of a house
Video intercom in the entry of a house

With many innovations over the last decade, household gadgets have become much simpler and easier to use while offering more customization and personalization than ever before. According to a study by iNetworks, 50 percent of consumers plan on purchasing an advanced home technology product within the next year, and it’s estimated that the home technology market revenue will rise to $22.4 billion by 2020. If you’re considering adding state-of-the-art technology to your household, we’ve gathered together some of the most popular items so you can see what this tech can do.

Home Locks and Security

Thanks to companies like Wink and Notion, home security has become much more efficient and easy to manage. In fact, 31 percent of online households claim to have a security product installed, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. To keep your home secure, you can install wirelessly controlled deadbolt locks that can be unlocked either by entering a password on a number keypad or by accessing it via your smartphone. You can even create a location-based locking and unlocking mechanism so the deadbolt will automatically unlock as you approach the door and lock itself once you leave the building, as long as you have your smartphone in your possession. You can also place motion sensors around your home so you can be notified when doors or windows are open or closed, or if any activity is detected.

Cleaning and Chores

Anyone with a busy schedule knows how difficult it can be to find time to do chores and clean up your home. One of the first automated home devices to become popular were vacuum cleaners like the Roomba made by the iRobot company. Now much more advanced, these little machines use cutting-edge sensors and motion detectors to move freely about your house picking up dirt, debris and pet hair from your floors and carpets. A similar technology has been innovated for lawn care purposes with devices like the Honda Miimo, which is an automated lawn mower that cuts your grass all on its own. The only work required on your part is the installation of a perimeter wire, so the gadget won’t stray into your neighbor’s yard.

If you have a pool, you know how tedious it can be to pull out your cleaning net and remove all the debris that’s fallen into the water. With an automated pool cleaning robot, you don’t have to worry about scooping out leaves and bugs one by one, as these state of the art pool cleaners can do it all for you.

Smart Appliances

By now most appliances can be connected to your smartphone so you can monitor their status no matter where you are. For laundry, you have to ability to tell your dryer to continue spinning on a low cycle in order to keep your clothes fresh, and you can delay your washing and drying cycles to match up with when you are able to make it home. For your refrigerator, you can easily monitor and control your temperature settings and be notified of any power outages so you can always ensure your food stays fresh. You can also personalize many of your gadgets to work according to your schedule, so your your coffee will begin to brew in conjunction with your morning alarm, your thermostat will turn on and off as you enter and leave your house, and lights will turn on and off and curtains will open and close as you move from between rooms.

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