Review: Encase FlexiShield iPad Mini 3 / 2 / 1 Case – Light Blue


The iPad Mini, in all its iterations is a great device. Compact, great screen, thin, it ticks all the usual boxes. However, being thin and small comes with its own problems, i.e. the device is often lost within all the papers on your table, or more importantly, has a tendency to slip. The Encase Flexishield looks to sort these problems by giving you a translucent cover that fixes these problems.


Most importantly, the case is focused on adding absolutely the minimum amount of weight and volume to your device.


This means that it is thin, and it is compact.


Moreover, it is translucent, meaning the beauty of your lovely iPad Mini is still on show, despite being protected.


Of course, all the ports, including the camera are still accessible.

So, what kind of protection does this offer? Fairly reasonable for a cover this small. While it may not protect your device from major falls or impacts, your usual scruffs and scratches will not be affecting your device. The corners come with good protection, and it is all safe.

The device is also now enclosed in a non-slip setup, allowing you to have a better grip on the fragile device that is the iPad Mini.

All in all, a great cover with minimum hindrance.

More information

More information on the Encase Flexishield iPad Mini 1/2/3 Case can be found at the following page:

It retails for only £5.99.


Smart, small, useful, cheap. Not much against it!

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