Maker Faire Rome – Europe’s Greatest Innovation Event

maker faire

Being an engineer has many advantages. One of them is to be able to think about problems, think of a solution, and then end up making them. The joy of the times we live in is that this ability is not restricted to people like me any more. Anybody can be a maker now, and … Read more

What is ISO Certification, Who Needs it & Why

With companies handling large amounts of sensitive information on a daily basis, customers have become increasingly concerned about data security. Indeed, today’s technologies and the increased sharing of information across businesses present unique challenges to customer information. ISO certification aims to develop a minimum set of standards for data security and operational efficiency across many … Read more

Meeting PCI DSS Compliance Requirements vs. Using Compensating Controls

pci dss

While reading the over 100 pages of PCI DSS compliance requirements may be overwhelming, you’ll get useful tips on risk reduction at the document’s appendices. If you need to successfully limit your risks, you should start by limiting your scope. Also, you should use compensating controls to accelerate your PCI DSS compliance even when you … Read more

Azulle Access3 – A Stick PC fit for your pocket

Stick PCs have not been around for long. They got a lot of hype a few years ago, but cheaper laptops and smart TVs pushed them away from the limelight. However, the genre is still around and now belongs to a more dedicated set of users. Azulle’s Access3 is looking to buck the trend by … Read more

What Does the Future Hold for Beauty Tech?

virtual reality

The beauty industry is one of the few that is yet to fully embrace technological developments. The fact remains that lotions and potions still dominate the sector, with many core ingredients untouched for decades. However, technological innovations are at last beginning to redefine the meaning of beauty treatments and the past twelve months have seen … Read more

Livall BH60SE Helmet – Review and Giveaway – the high-tech protection for the high-tech cyclist

When it comes to cycling, your helmet is the most important thing after your bike. You need protection, and while it isn’t the law, I firmly believe every cyclist should wear one. Helmets come in various shapes and forms. However, the high tech solutions of the day seem to have passed them by. Livall are … Read more

Run Your Entire Business with One App

Businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large enterprises, are discovering the vast capabilities of professional applications for mobile devices, such as point of sale, accounting, and invoicing apps. The benefits they bring compared to older systems and methods of business management are endless, with advanced reporting, data security, and flexibility being some clear examples. … Read more

E-Cigarettes vs Smoking – The ultimate show down

E-Cigarettes are nothing new. They have been around for a few good years. Words like vaping are part of everyone’s vocabulary. Shops are selling vaping kits as well as e-cigarettes. However, the question remains: Are e-cigarettes bad for you? Are they as bad as regular smoking? Worse? Better? In this article, we compare the two … Read more