Review: Tech that proves print can keep up with digital

While print may be a dying art, we are living in an age that continually tries to keep it relevant. Despite the downturn in print sales, there are many businesses, technologies and publications which are subverting the rules and cementing the place of print in an increasingly digital world.

A new era of Printing tech for Business?

Companies like Precision Printing are using a range of new technologies to provide a merging of digital and print that helps businesses engage with their audience both online and through direct marketing.

Web2Print is one of their services, allowing multi-lingual web ordering solutions to print out photography, imagery and other assets with the touch of a button. For businesses that use Precision Printing, this service saves lots of time and offers a fast turnaround.

However, the real technology that keeps print relevant in a digital world is their image recognition service. This allows their clients to merge their digital and physical presence. In effect, it fuses the printing of QR codes alongside bar codes on items such as tags on clothing.

This allows customers to scan their QR code and engage in the brand’s message – a simple way to take customers from print to web. This can be accomplished on flyers and posters and even clothing – so customers can consistently go from print to digital in an ever-mobile friendly world.

Another handy marriage of digital and print technology is the fact that digital communication makes the world smaller. For businesses like Precision printing, this means they can offer clients a global print solution by sending their clients print specs to 1,400 different global printers who are all inter-connected by the web.

Aside from actual printing businesses, the companies that are still excelling in print are high quality magazines. Unlike older publications, the magazines that thrive are ones which are focused on design, with glossy visuals and a lack of adverts, since they are often kick-started and supported by a network of enthusiastic fans.

The role of 3D printing


The main gadget that comes to mind in the world of print vs digital is the 3D printer. 3D printers that can be used at home such as the Cube allow users to print objects from their computers and mobile technology. Items printed can range from furniture to clothing. Unfortunately, it’s worth noting this isn’t traditional printing by any definition and is a completely new avenue for print technology to explore.


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