Review: Encase Leather-Style iPad Mini 3 / 2 / 1 Case – Black

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In a weird way, cases for tablets have come such a long way that we seem to take them, and all the features they bring to us for granted. As such, it is always a joy when a case actually stands out from the crowd. The case in question being the Encase Leather style iPad Mini Case. It works for all the three iterations of the device.

A beautiful stitched leather case is on show the moment you get this device. A secure clasp is designed to keep your device safe when it is in there, and the ability to make your tablet stand at two angles, one for viewing and one for typing add to the mix. Of course, there is the little added value of putting your device to sleep the moment you close it helps as well.

Fitting the device in and out is pretty simple. A ‘frame’ exists inside the case which you clip your iPad mini into, or out of. Once in, the device is pretty secure, and has no tendency to slip in and out.

In terms of protection, the leather is bound on top of a strong frame, that gives you plenty of protection from all sides. The frame gives it the strength, while the leather provides the cushioning. While I won’t recommend it, I have a feeling this one will survive a few nasty drops.

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Inside are also a couple of ‘card’ sleeves so you can keep your visiting cards, or other cards with the tablet, for those important business meetings.

The leather does add a bit of bulk and weight to the device, but it gives a good trade off in terms of functionality.

More information

More information on the Encase Leather-Style iPad Mini case can be found at the following link:

It retails for only £10.99.


Amazing value for money, for a premium feel accessory!

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