Why Risking ‘Free’ Online Options for Restoring Lost Media is Never a Good Idea


The sense of panic when you lose important files from your computer, phone, external drive or other device is something akin to the feeling when you get your head stuck in something (don’t ask me how I know). Are those photos, videos and audio files you love gone forever, their data never to be seen again?

Whether it is lost work, lost memories, or lost money, you are probably prepared to try anything that may help you restore your music, pictures or videos, and the obvious thing to do is generally to have a search on Google for something free that will help you out. Normally, if you try this, you will find a wealth of services available, usually ‘cracks’ or key generators. If you can cope with the often slightly complex instructions, you can use these to try and recover your data for free, however this is almost always a terrible idea.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Free Cracks and Key Generators to Try and Retrieve Lost Photos?

Firstly, key generators and other programs that aim to ‘crack’ software in any way, even if your intentions are pure and you just want to get your lost files back, are illegal – the whole practice is, after all, linked to software piracy. This not only means you of course shouldn’t be working with them in the first place, but also that they are typically developed by less scrupulous people. Virus and spyware coders may also attach their code to this kind of software when it is downloaded, causing it to install along with the program you actually wanted.

What This Can Do To Your Computer and Data

Your anti-virus software may pick up your free download as a virus and prevent you from executing it in the first place (and while this may be a false positive, the fact anti-virus software is so suspicious of such programs tells you a lot!). If it doesn’t, then you may find yourself faced with all kinds of problems. You may find yourself infected with spyware, viruses, or browser hijacking tools, and ultimately, this could be far worse than losing your original files.

So What is the Best Way to Try and Retrieve My Lost Files?

Luckily, there are legitimate products that can help you when you accidentally delete important media files. While not free, these products are properly developed and tested (which is why you have to pay for them – most developers and testers won’t work for nothing!), and are fully supported. This means you’ll have no trouble performing the all important operation, and your computer and personal data will be safe while you do it. Check out Star X Soft who offer a great photo recovery product for Windows.

Of course, once you’ve bought a license for a legitimate product, you can use it again as many times as you need to for the duration of the license, so you’re also covered against any future media loss issues.

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