Work and risks, how do they link?




Does what you do affect your ability to gamble? Does being a surgeon make you better at that ‘poker face’, or does being a car salesman make you good at bluffing? A set of interesting infographics were sent to us the other day about three work types, and how they may or may not work in the world of poker. The three personalities were the following:

  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Car Salesman
  • Stock Broker

Being of the nerdy kind, we thought we’d focus on the Air Traffic Controller. The image below details it all!



What I find most interesting is how the field is still dominated by men. Come on women, we want to see more of you in all fields!

Interesting specs up there, and mind you the salaries don’t look too bad either once you get qualified. Four years is not long to be earning that much!


The interesting study was carried out by You can visit their website to find out more, or have a play yourself:

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