Sweet Tooth Heera Mandi: Bringing back the long lost tales of Lahore

Heera Mandi Lahore has always been a citadel of art and culture.It is located in the interior Lahore which is an epitome of history, art and civilization. However with time it is not the same anymore. The once marks of aristocracy and culture are now reduced to debris and ruins. One of such places is … Read more

Loewe Launch New Art Deco Inspired Bild 9

bild 9 loewe

On 3rd May 2017 Loewe will launch the Bild 9, a sophisticated new TV designed by London-based Bodo Sperlein, who has previously worked for Swarovski, Nikkon and Lladro. The stylish Bild 9 is crafted with an Art Deco inspired, sculptural solid steel frame in either chic matt gold or a more classic graphite and the … Read more

Hands-on: Drift HD Ghost Action Camera

I am not exactly known for being the most active or adventurous person around (with the exception of a certain recent out of character adventure). However, even though I don’t experience it first hand,  I do love watching the impressive feats (and unfortunate demises…) of other more adrenaline-fueled folk by way of their YouTube uploads. … Read more

Ubooly, the multilingual interactive learning toy, launches in the UK

  If you have small children, and are trying to come up with some inspiration for what to get them for Christmas, then we might have just the thing for you. Of course, being tech-minded folk, this isn’t just your average plush toy – but rather a plush toy with a smartphone brain. The Ubooly … Read more

Bryan’s Wishlist

The latest entry to our Wishlist section comes from Bryan (@brykins), who just won our competition. Here is what he has to say: Hi! While I wait for my lovely keyboard case to arrive I thought I’d to my wishlist – having just read about the guy that wants a shopper……me, I like to look … Read more

Wishlist: A personal shopper for gadgets/tech

Our latest wish comes from another one of our great Twitter friends, @TonyOX3. Tony, as you may have sussed it, keeps us up to date with what goes on in good old OX3. He also is a top tweeter and was responsible for the very first freebie giveaway we had on our website. Here, is … Read more