Lotushirt: The STAINLESS wrinkle free shirt

Shirts are an important part of formalwear. Washing and caring for shirts can be a big hassle. However, some of us just don’t have a choice. We need to wash our shirts, iron them, and make sure they remain stain free as we go through the day. Lotushirt have a different idea. Their shirt is … Read more

Featured Project: Max C Electric Skateboard

We love a good crowd funded project. However, in recent years, we have seen quite a few crowd-funded projects that have promised quite a lot without delivering. That is why we prefer to feature projects that actually have a unit to show. Max C is one such company, and we are proud to feature their … Read more

Aryzon To Make Augmented Reality Headsets Accessible For All

aryzon headset cardboard augmented reality

Kickstarter is full of small start-up companies with big ideas and one that has caught our eye recently is Aryzon. The Dutch company have developed a device constructed of cardboard and lenses that fits around a smartphone to create an augmented reality (AR) environment for the viewer at an affordable price.   For a price … Read more

Celebrating The Intelligence of Millennial Girls With Smore’s Kickstarter Campaign

smore review

A Kickstarter Campaign for an unconventional science magazine has been launched by Sarita Menon called Smore. The hope is that this magazine will encourage tween girls to unapologetically embrace their intelligence and Smore will be publishing articles that give them something more thought-provoking than celebrity gossip and hair styles to read about. There are too … Read more

Kickstarter: Helix – A clever charger or just a hoax?

So, as we often do, we got an email from somebody who has just started a new Kickstarter project. Hello I am starting a Kickstarter Project named Helix,would be lovely if you could take a look and maybe if interested,write about it. Helix is a charging cable that use Level Shift Technology that convert the … Read more

Featured Kickstater: ReForm – Compression Re – Thought

British sportswear company Python Performance is set to shake up the sportswear industry and change the landscape for workout apparel. The Kickstarter campaign launched earlier this month has come about to provide athletes with the most innovative and performance enhancing fitness clothing to date. The unique and innovative technology is based on the prospective principles … Read more

IndieGogo Campaign of the day: Pilot – I smell something (Babel) Fishy!

This Towel Day (May 25, 2016), a celebration day for Douglas Adams and of course The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, I have had an email about a technology that claims to be the Babelfish itself from the series. Douglas Adams created the concept to allow various humans and aliens to interact with each … Read more

Big Data and Big Ideas: These Beirut Start-ups are revolutionising the way we shop

In the last few years the ICT sector in Lebanon has experienced something of a boom, worth an estimated $381 million in 2014 and growing at a rate of 7.9 per cent. Traditionally, Lebanese talent tended to make its biggest impact abroad, with global diaspora estimated at around 14 million. However, this trend has recently … Read more