Using Relay Boards to Control Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are mechanical devices that transform energy to create straight line motions. A relay, on the other hand, is a switch whose operations are electrical. This article teaches users how linear actuators are controlled by relay boards. The only difference in relay boards is the number of relays they carry since all relays’ action … Read more

Portable media players – Obsolete or just in need of a makeover?

At this point, you may be thinking, “Why did he call it a ‘portable media player’ in the title, rather than an MP3 player?” However, there’s a good reason behind that. A lesser-known file format, called FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is used by numerous audiophiles – As its name suggests, it’s lossless. That is … Read more

Serial communication–PIC18

By Sami Mughal Alternative Titles: Serial communication – PIC18F67J60 Alternative Titles: Serial communication – Olimex PIC-P67J60 One of the greatest features about the PIC18 (or most other PICs and Microcontrollers) is that you communicate with them via a Serial interface. That means that not only can it talk to your devices and computer and perform … Read more

First Program: Olimex Pic-P67J60

Alternative titles:First Program: PIC18F67J60 First Program: Manipulating Inputs and Outputs on PIC18F67J60First Program: Manipulating Inputs and Outputs on PICs using C18 Following my last post about the Olimex PIC-P67J60(, this is a post talking about the basic programming of the PICs, and manipulating inputs and outputs on the PIC. The Olimex has an input button … Read more

Getting started: Olimex PIC-P67J60 (PIC18F67J60) using MPLAB X IDE

By Sami Mughal Alternative titles:Getting started: PIC18F67J60 using MPLAB IDE X and C18 compiler ;Getting started: Olimex PIC-P67J60 using MPLAB IDE X and C18 compilerGetting started using MPLAB X IDE I have recently started a project using Microchip’s PIC18F67J60, and to use that I have bought myself an Olimex PIC-P67J60, which is a development board … Read more


Well apparently Google allows Affiliate ads, so I am just writing down an experimental post here, to see if it achieves anything.To help me along the way, I will post a wishlist of sorts… Of course you can feel free to buy me any of these items. – Nikon D7000– HTC One X– Asus Transformer Prime– Asus … Read more

Communicating between Arduino boards using I2C, Bus Extenders, and Isolation Widgets Requirement: To communicate between two Arduino Mega boards, about 7 meters apart, sending 6 bytes of data, and receiving 2 bytes of data back from the other board, keeping the supplies and grounds for both the supplies separate. Procedure: The first thing to do was to establish an I2C between two Arduino boards. … Read more