The weirdest part of breaking up: splitting the smart home

I’ve been through my fair share of breakups, including the particularly tricky kind where you lived together, so you have to separate all your belongings, decide who gets the shared stuff, and who’s taking the pets. But, as I found out, breaking up in modern times is even weirder: you have to try to disentangle … Read more

Facebook Dating review: I never knew how many people I have no desire to date

Are you single? Do you feel like you haven’t given enough of your personal information to Mark Zuckerberg? Do you love endless notifications? Then have I got the dating app for you! Well, not an app so much as a feature — of Facebook. Yes, I know you’re all going to tell me you quit … Read more

There are 29 pairs of Steve Wozniak’s Apple sunglasses somewhere in the world

When most people talk about ‘Apple specs,’ they’re thinking hardware, processors, that kind of thing. Me, I’m thinking of these GLORIOUSLY wacky rainbow Apple sunglasses commissioned by Steve Wozniak: Sold on RRAuction, they had an opening bid of just $200 and an estimate of “$1000+”. Unsurprisingly, it turned out the + was doing quite a bit … Read more

Why can’t we tell Facebook their ads are scammy?

It feels somewhat fruitless to complain about things Facebook Ads is doing wrong, considering how many absolutely huge, world-changing things Zuckerberg’s platform has messed up. But this is driving me crazy, so I’m going to rant anyway. Somehow, despite the fact that Instagram ads are generally relevant and interesting to me, Facebook ads are the … Read more

Why it’s better to mute Twitter trolls than block them

I’ve been trolled a lot. From the usual attempts to silence an opinionated woman to actual threats, I’ve upset the ragebabies of Twitter more times than I can count. It sucks, but it means I’ve learnt a fair bit about how trolls work, and how you can banish them from your kingdom forever. Bypass the … Read more