Review: Official LG G4 Qi Wireless Charger (WCD-110)

The LG G4 Wireless Charger brings the best of wireless charging from LG to everyone. It features a case that allows you to put your phone on a stand while it charges, both in portrait and landscape mode. Being a Qi standard charger, it will charge any Qi enabled phone. No ‘AC Charger’ One of … Read more

Review: LG G4 QuickCircle Qi Replacement Back Cover Case – Silver

The Quick Circle Case Qi Case takes on from the good example set up by the LG G3 Quick Circle Case, and adds Qi Charging (Wireless charging) abilities. It offers the same old protection, the Quick Circle Window which allows you to take/make calls, take photos, etc. The fit The LG G4 Snap On Quick … Read more

Bring Corporate Events to Life with Entertainment Gadgets

Corporate events can end up being very similar to each other and unfortunately this doesn’t make them memorable. Therefore, if you want to organize an event which guests will talk about for a while, and one which will make your business stick in their minds, consider throwing some entertainment gadgets into the mix. Cover the … Read more