Reolink – Argus 4 Pro

Reolink are a great name in the world of security cameras. What differentiates them from the others are their great prices, the fact that you can keep using them without any subscriptions required, and of course the great image/video quality. On top of that, they keep bringing out more and more advanced features, ensuring you … Read more

Edifier W820NB

Edifier are well known for their audio solutions, and we have looked at a fair few of their products on our website, and loved every single one of them. Their latest offering is the Edifier W820NB offering the audio quality mixed with noise cancelling that we have come to expect from them. Edifier W820NB – … Read more


In a world full of distractions due to your phone, and I mean the real ones such as our evergrowing reliance on sat nav apps as well as media playing, the OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2 offers a distraction-free solution to drivers which doesn’t rely on the need to look at a screen. Built on their CO-DRIVER … Read more

Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2 – a real competitor to the AirPods

Edifier is back with their latest offering in their premium earbud range, and with the NeoBuds Pro 2, we have a serious competitor to the AirPods Pro from Apple. Before we go into that, the Edifier NeoBuds Pro (the first edition) has been our favour earbuds since launch. In fact, they are still my go-to … Read more

Easy fun with

The internet offers many ways of finding online entertainment. The website stands out as it offers a huge amount of friendly games in just one friendly website. In our article, we will be looking at its offerings, where you can immerse yourself in games, without needing to download anything, nor having the need to … Read more

Arlo Pro 5

Arlo Pro 5 is the latest offering Arlo, improving on the already impressive Arlo Pro 4 camera, offering better resolution, better ability to see at night, as well as improved battery life. It connects seamlessly to your WiFi router, allowing easy connectivity, and near week-long battery life allows this to operate very nicely as a … Read more

JLab JBuddies Studio – On-Ear headphones for kids

As we get into a more connected world, the sight of a child using a tablet to watch videos, play games or do educational activities is becoming more and more normal. While tablets and apps are heavily invested in the child-focused space, less so can be said about the likes of headphones. Enter JLab JBuddies … Read more

Stoov – Cordless heated cushions and blankets

As energy bills go up and more extreme weathers embrace us, the need to be more efficient and safe about our heating needs is paramount. Enter Stoov, who offer cordless heated cushions and blankets. While they also have a product that is their variant of a hot water bottle, we didn’t get to try it. … Read more