Space-Saving Ideas for Your Home

Keeping your home tidy and organised can be a challenge, especially if you have a big family. No matter the size of your living area, clearing clutter and creating more space helps things look a lot better. Science says that excessive clutter and mess can lead to stress and negative emotions, so it’s important not … Read more

Stoov – Cordless heated cushions and blankets

As energy bills go up and more extreme weathers embrace us, the need to be more efficient and safe about our heating needs is paramount. Enter Stoov, who offer cordless heated cushions and blankets. While they also have a product that is their variant of a hot water bottle, we didn’t get to try it. … Read more

5 Steps to a Successful Bathroom Renovation

bathroom, toilet

Are you tired of your outdated and tired-looking bathroom? Ready to transform it into a modern oasis with a stylish and inviting atmosphere? You’re not alone. Bathrooms are easily the most unkempt and outdated rooms in any home, however, the thought of making the necessary changes can be intimidating to many homeowners. While it is … Read more

Kudos Audio confirms Cardea C10 and C20 loudspeakers


Derek Gilligan, the founder and designer of Kudos Audio the UK’s Isobaric loudspeaker design and manufacturing specialist, this week confirmed improvements to the Cardea C10 and C20 loudspeakers. These improvements to crossover date from last year but it has taken until now to verify that Kudos’ retailers worldwide had the new stock on demo or … Read more

LG showcases A-rated products following today’s launch of new EU Energy Relabelling system


Today marks the launch of the new EU Energy Relabelling system which will set a new standard of eco-efficiency for UK home appliances. The new system aims to simplify ratings for consumers and will hold brands to a higher efficiency standard, helping consumers understand exactly how efficient and eco-friendly products are before purchasing so they … Read more

Your First Connected Wine Bank


Haier have launched a fabulous new range of wine coolers: Wine Bank 50 Series 7. These new products which were first previewed at IFA last September, feature advanced technologies, premium design and a tailor-made experience. As more people become interested in wine both as an investment and as a hobby, wine cellars have increased in … Read more