5 Epic DIY Electronic Gifts for Him

  Man is a vast enigma of thoughts and actions. Yours mostly sits on the computer pressing a plastic mouse, vicariously living a fantasy life through the motions of a video game character. But, he’s all yours; and, you need to get him a present. You know a few things. He showers every other day … Read more

Review: Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Headset

When it comes to Bluetooth headsets, there is a lot of choice out there. Most of them are designed for the driver, where you are able to carry on with the important stuff, but you are still able to talk on the phone as well. This headset, however, goes beyond that. Whether you are driving, … Read more

Guest Post: The Top Benefits of a CCTV System

Another guest post, this time about the benefits of CCTV systems. You may not know that the first ever CCTV system was developed back in the 1940s but you do presumably know that they offer a clever way to protect your property. It is easy to take this kind of home security system for granted, … Read more

Review: SGP HTC One X Ultra Thin Air Series Case

By Sami Mughal One of the first things you notice when you go and look at the best smartphones out there, like the HTC ONE X or the Samsung Galaxy S3, is the massive screen size. However, once you hold them in your hand, you realize, that somehow despite the screen being huge, these devices … Read more

Review: HTC ONE X HDMI Cradle

By Sami Mughal Some things are just hard to review, mainly because they deliver exactly what is on the tin. The HTC ONE X HDMI Cradle (http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/desktop-charge-cradle-with-hdmi-out-for-htc-one-x-p35406.htm) is one such device. Anyway, I make an attempt to do so. Physical The box comes with this cradle, as shown in the picture. This cradle consists of … Read more

Guest post: 3 Ways to Cut Computer Costs

  Kate Sorenson is as frugal as they come. Her personality drives her to find the best possible savings and in addition share them with others. A big thanks to her for this well written and informative article. Computers are glorious things. They let you communicate with anyone in the world or learn any piece … Read more

Review: Freedom Pro Keyboard

By Sami Mughal If you are one for small details, this is your product. Since getting my HTC ONE X, and trying to use it as a computer replacement, I have been looking for a keyboard that would pair with the phone, work wirelessly, and be small enough to be carried around. Physical:The Freedom Pro Keyboard … Read more

Nanotechnology – The Future Is Here!

Being an engineer, you often hear people say that the future lies in nanotechnology. Tell you what, it probably does. Nanotechnology is the art of manipulating material on an atomic scale, and in this post I share some exciting new developments, across a wide range of areas, that are using this small science to develop … Read more