Free Giveaway: Keycase Keyboard Case for Nexus 7

By Sami Mughal We are back and it is time to announce a free giveaway!!!! In December we reviewed the Keycase Keyboard Case for the Nexus 7, and for our first giveaway as, we are giving it away to one lucky reader! You can read our review at the following link: you have to … Read more

Wish-list: OTG cable with built in Charger

Hereby we are starting a new section on the website, called ‘Wishlist’. The purpose of the section is to add a list of gadgets and gizmos, or just enhancements that we’d like to see in our gadgets, whether it is hardware or software. We start off with one of our favourite little add-ons to the … Read more

Review: Proporta Beachbuoy Waterproof Case for Nexus 7

By Sami Mughal Before I go ahead and review this product, this case comes in two sizes, one covers your smartphones, and the other covers your 7” tablets and devices. This means that even if you do not own a Nexus 7, you can get this for your smartphones, your Kindles, and even your iPad … Read more

Serial communication–PIC18

By Sami Mughal Alternative Titles: Serial communication – PIC18F67J60 Alternative Titles: Serial communication – Olimex PIC-P67J60 One of the greatest features about the PIC18 (or most other PICs and Microcontrollers) is that you communicate with them via a Serial interface. That means that not only can it talk to your devices and computer and perform … Read more

Top Rumoured Features of the iPad Mini

According to rumours the iPad mini is about to be launched in the market in some days and the hype is same as that for the iPhone 5 when it was about to be released last month. The company has said that the devices from Apple now are going to be unique and different. The … Read more

First Program: Olimex Pic-P67J60

Alternative titles:First Program: PIC18F67J60 First Program: Manipulating Inputs and Outputs on PIC18F67J60First Program: Manipulating Inputs and Outputs on PICs using C18 Following my last post about the Olimex PIC-P67J60(, this is a post talking about the basic programming of the PICs, and manipulating inputs and outputs on the PIC. The Olimex has an input button … Read more

Getting started: Olimex PIC-P67J60 (PIC18F67J60) using MPLAB X IDE

By Sami Mughal Alternative titles:Getting started: PIC18F67J60 using MPLAB IDE X and C18 compiler ;Getting started: Olimex PIC-P67J60 using MPLAB IDE X and C18 compilerGetting started using MPLAB X IDE I have recently started a project using Microchip’s PIC18F67J60, and to use that I have bought myself an Olimex PIC-P67J60, which is a development board … Read more

Review: Jabra Drive (Bluetooth in-car speakerphone)

Bluetooth has made driving while answering a phone call fairly safe over the years. While there must be thousands of Bluetooth based products out there, a lot of them tend to sit in or around your ear, and that just ends up being really uncomfortable over long journeys. Another problem  Bluetooth devices have had over … Read more