Guest Post: The Top Benefits of a CCTV System

Another guest post, this time about the benefits of CCTV systems.

You may not know that the first ever CCTV system was developed back in the 1940s but you do presumably know that they offer a clever way to protect your property.

It is easy to take this kind of home security system for granted, so let’s take a look at the main benefits this could bring you and your family.

 As a Deterrent

It is a fact that most criminals look for easy targets. If your neighbours all have Monitored CCTV systems and you don’t then which home is likely to be most at risk of being broken into? Having some obvious sign of home protection is one of the best ways of sending out the signals to potential intruders that they won’t find it easy to break into your property. Some homeowners even go as far as to only put up dummy cameras instead of functional ones. Relying on them purely as a visual deterrent is clearly a low cost option but it ignores the other benefits of this kind of system.

Identify Visitors

Not all visitors to your home will be welcomed in the same way. If you have had bad experiences in the past then having a CCTV camera which shows you who is at your front door will let you decide who you want open up to. This can help you avoid anyone who you are suspicious of or anyone you simply don’t want to speak to at that time.

Check the House While You Are Away

A modern and useful function of this kind of security system is the way in which you can check on what is happening at your property while you are far from it. Many cameras now have their footage placed online so that you can check it out from anywhere in the world where you can get an internet connection. This will give you a great deal of peace of mind when you are on holiday or at work and all you need is the web address of the footage and the code you have been given to access it.

Store Footage

The most technologically advanced type of CCTV system available from companies such as ADT now stores the footage captured in a digital format. This means that more of it can be kept more easily and that it can also be retrieved a lot more quickly as well. This means that if anything untoward happens the evidence can be investigated at a later stage without any problems.

Do you own a CCTV system at your home? Do you think it is value for money having a CCTV system installed at your home? Share your thoughts!

Author Bio: This post is authored by Robert B, a crime prevention specialist who has years of experience in home security systems, burglar alarms and occasionally writes for ADT UK.

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Top Benefits of a CCTV System”

  1. After the little “incident” of armed robbery outside my front door a few weeks ago, Im planning to get IP cameras installed and hooked to my DSL+recording equipment. Its surprising to know how cheap and reliable it is (thanks to China) and im cursing myself why I did not bothered to do this earlier?

    Well, its never too late 🙂


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