Review: SGP HTC One X Ultra Thin Air Series Case

By Sami Mughal

One of the first things you notice when you go and look at the best smartphones out there, like the HTC ONE X or the Samsung Galaxy S3, is the massive screen size. However, once you hold them in your hand, you realize, that somehow despite the screen being huge, these devices are really thin and designed to fit perfectly in your hand. The HTC ONE X, definitely has that feel. It is one of the first things you notice about the device, as in how thin it is, how light it is, how perfectly it slides into a pocket or in your hand. So much so, that it almost feels fragile.

This is where the need for the case comes in. Ever since getting this phone a few months back, I have ended up buying a lot of cases. There are a couple that come in a wallet style, where you can store cash and cards with the phone, there are some that come as a hard case, and there are some that provide a back up battery pack. However, the one complaint I had with all these cases was the fact that they take away the sexy thin factor away from the phone. All cases make the device a few millimeters thicker, and when the phone itself is only a few millimeters thick (thin!), that makes a lot of difference.

This is where the SGP Ultra Thin Case comes in.

After all the cases I have tried, this is the best. For the simple reason that with this on my case, there is no added bulk or weight. You will almost feel that there is no case on at all, and yet with such a thin, barely there feel, it provides the protection you want for your phone against scratches and dirt.

The feel of the case is pretty good. It comes with a glossy rubberized finish which gives it flexibility as well as strength.

The case goes on pretty easily, and hugs the phone, without any hard pushing required. This means that the case does not scratch the phone surface itself when going on or off. Removal of the case is equally easy. Once on, the case stays on, and there is no inclination of it loosening up after a week of use, going in and out jeans pockets and bags.

Once on, the case provides room for all the buttons and ports, as well as a grill on the back for the speaker. This is important as I have noticed some cases either do not have a good fit around ports, or cover up the buttons which means that it is slightly harder to press the buttons on the phone. It also comes with the nice touch that it provides two separate  apertures for the camera and the flash.

The lightness and size of the case is a massive plus. Never have I seen a product that is so worthy of its name Ultra Thin Air!

More images can be found on the link above, which links to the case, but here is the case without the phone in it, just to show how thin it is.

 2012-08-08 13.20.01

I have been trying to find some cons in the device, and the only one I have come across is that the back is a finger print magnet, as you can see from the picture below.

2012-08-08 13.20.21 Other than that, there is not much to complain about.

The phone comes with a screen protection cover as well as a cleaning cloth. As I generally do not like putting screen protection on my phone, I have just left this in the case. The cleaning cloth, of course, provides good quality cleaning for the screen and the phone.

VERDICT: Overall, the device definitely worth buying. This is definitely one of the best cases I have ever tried on a phone.

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