Review: Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Headset

When it comes to Bluetooth headsets, there is a lot of choice out there. Most of them are designed for the driver, where you are able to carry on with the important stuff, but you are still able to talk on the phone as well. This headset, however, goes beyond that. Whether you are driving, cooking, cleaning, on a run or just reading a book, this headset does it all.

Let’s go through the features to back up what I have just said. It obviously packs in a Bluetooth headset which lets you make and receive calls. Much like the other, more expensive music based headsets out there, it offers you full stereo music if your phone or device supports A2DP. Being a Sony Ericsson, sound is obviously of high quality.

This is where it starts to get more exciting. It packs in the usual controls which let you Play/Pause, Skip/Next or Previous. It has a volume control which works almost magic like by just sliding your finger up or down the side of it.

It packs in an OLED screen which means you can see who is calling (if your phone supports it), or what music your phone is playing (if it’s a Sony). The OLED Screen also turns itself off to preserve battery life.

While the unit promises a battery life of 12 hours continuous use, I have not been able to exhaust it quite yet, and I have used it off and on for about a week.

Then come the extra features.

It packs in an FM Radio, which means, unlike any other Bluetooth headset, for once you can actually take this device out with you without even taking your phone.  The reception of the phone is quite good, and picks up all the local channels.

It lets you connect to up to three devices. That means you can connect to your phone, your computer and your other devices.This means you can listen to music from your phone, the FM Radio, or any Bluetooth enabled device.

On the computer, it allows you control music as well as see what is playing on your computer as well. I did find that there was a very slight delay on controlling the music on the computer.

You can choose the default ‘phone’. This means that even if you are listening to music, your device will pick up and allow you to make any phone calls if you want. This also means you can pair it with more than one phones, and pick and choose which phone you would like.

It also allows you a Micro USB port for charging which means it will charge from most chargers these days. It packs in a charger anyway, if you need one.

Since it packs in a 3.5mm socket, you can also connect any other headphones, as well as bigger speakers. This means, you can connect your phone wirelessly with any speakers, for a proper party!

Pictures, more details  as well as purchasing details about this amazing device can be found at MobileFun (


What can I say, this device is amazing. Not only does it tick all the boxes for a great Bluetooth headset, but it also packs in a lot more features, that suddenly appear a lot more useful than you thought. A must-have for anyone who is interested in technology.

3 thoughts on “Review: Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Headset”

  1. I just bought this MW600 for the possibility to use it also with other headphones. I tested it with my Monster Turbine Pro Copper and Sennheiser HD212 Pro and I was stunned by the audio quality delivered. I can honestly say that you just don’t need an EQ correction to enjoy these. Also, the stock Sony-Ericsson headphones have a very good sound, I would dare say closer to Monster but with some extra booming bass. Not to mention that the SE ear tips are much confortable that Monster’s, even though I have a lots of Monster tips. The battery lasts closer to the specs. A delight is the ability to use it simultaneously with PC (music) and phone (calls) . A nice feature is the MW600 display that shows call number, track info from the phone(Nokia N8), but somehow it can’t show these from the PC (winamp or skype). Also does not work well with Windows 7 (Dell Inspiron I5), but only on my work laptop Windows XP (Lenovo T400). I can say it is worth every penny !


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