Review: Elie Touch Series – Wireless Optical Mouse

By Sami Mughal

I review a lot of gadgets, and they span quite a different range of devices. Not often do I come across a mouse that I want to review. However, this mouse comes with so many surprises, that I thought it definitely deserved a view. The mouse and pictures can be found at the following address, and at £10, it looks very good!
When I received the device, I was a bit disappointed. The mouse looks very beautifully designed, and with the colour white, it almost looks like something that should come with the Apple stamp on it. However, when you handle it, it feels a bit cheap, specially the bit below the mouse, where you insert the batteries and take the nano-receiver out of.
However, once you plug the wireless receiver in, which tucks in quite neatly in the battery compartment, all that initial impression changes. The mouse installs itself on your computer with no frills, and there you go. The device comes with a button which can be used to turn it on and off, two mice button which are invisible, a scroll button, and a DPI adjust button which means you can control the sensitivity of your mouse without having to open any mouse settings.
The mouse also has a red glow to it, which makes it look quite cool. The mouse seems to go to sleep mode when it is not in use, which would be a battery saving feature. During this time, the red glow goes dim.
As far as use is concerned, this mouse is quite brilliant. Like I said, I was disappointed when I first received it, but all that changes the moment you start to use the mouse. It fits perfectly in your hand, despite the thin design. The button presses feel quite smooth, as does the scroll wheel. The dpi button is a good touch, which is becoming quite popular in the modern mouses (mice?) we see!
The verdict? I have ditched my other mouse, and from now on will be carrying this mouse with me wherever I go, as my main mouse. For a tenner, I don’t think you can buy a better mouse.
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  1. This review was of interest to me as the mouse I use at work stinks. I want a new one and I’ll be recommending this to my employer. The fact that it’s only £10 should sell him on it, the rest of the review was what sold me on it. Thanks for this!


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