Samsung Unveils the all new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

samsung galaxy tab s6

Now let your creative juices flow no matter where you go! The Millenials today believe in not stopping for anything. And this is why they need their technology to keep up with their always-on-the-go lifestyles. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is all that they desire. With its sleek features combined with modern-day functionality is … Read more

Less is More: Tech’s Newest Minimalistic Finds

The world that we live in today gives us quite the sensory overload; bright colours, gaudy details, and loud presences. In such a world a break is always welcome, and what better way to get so than by everyday appliances. Introducing the tech market’s latest grabs, all of which channel one element: minimalism. 1) The … Read more

LG’s new dream: Ultrafine 5K display

LG 5k display feature

The all-powerful, multipurpose LG 5K Display offering seamless and smooth connectivity with Apple products. The global brand in its pursuit of innovation announced it’s latest 27-inch UltraFineTM 5K Display (model 27MD5KL) in London on July 31st, 2019. The fresh product combined with LG’s 24-inch UltraFine 4K Display (model 24MD4KL) is a perfect match to support … Read more

Missionary Schools Worldwide: Posh Finishing Schools or a Culmination of The Nun?

Watching Derry Girls on Netflix, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the Irish convent experience and my own Lahori one. It revolves around five friends, most of which who were awfully gawky and awkward around boys and had a painstaking amount of restrictions from both home and school. Normally people think of convents … Read more

Lahore Smog: A New Occurrence?

When the first lethal smog hit Lahore in 2017, people mistook it for just another hazy week that would soon clear out, and life would continue as usual. Back then it reminded me of old Victorian novels like Charles Dickens’, which always had a thick smog as part of the general description. The juxtaposition wasn’t … Read more

Embrace your inner hygge this Autumn with Pure

Pure Speakers

With the advent of autumn rises the inner hygge of joy. The season brings with the cozy and warm feeling as the weather gets colder and drier. The scenery surrounding you becomes different in a beautiful way. To complement this beautiful music becomes essential.  Pure has brought to you the best products to enjoy your … Read more

The future of Honda dash touchscreens

Honda Dash Touchscreen

Honda’s all-new electric vehicle prototype has been equipped with huge 12.3 inches Honda Dash Touchscreen. Their main objective is to provide the driver as well as the passenger a refined big screen experience. Both users can operate separate apps on separate 12-inch screens. The screens have a similar style to Honda’s current UI, which is … Read more