Desi women speaking up are the silver lining

Desi societies all over the world (yeah, because we manage to create our own environment even when we are away from our home countries) are obsessed with marriages. The entire purpose of a desi woman’s life is defined to get married and have children (preferably the first/more boy/boys). Even the girls who are intelligent and … Read more

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler – The best your beard can get?

This review comes off the back of a simple story. The story being that of my beard. The beard that comes and goes, disappears and grows. It can be neat or scruffy, prickly or fluffy. As you can clearly see, I am a lot of fun and my beard is simply the gateway drug. So … Read more

SanDisk iXpand and Ultra Dual Drive

Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, it is always important to have access to more storage. Thanks to cloud solutions, it is really easy to keep backups. However, you might want to copy things from device to device, or just want to have extra storage handy. You might even have a Macbook Pro, … Read more

Polar M600 Connectivity issues with iOS/iPhones

The Polar M600 is a brilliant smartwatch. This is one of the first true smartwatches produced by Polar, who generally stick to the fitness side. Interestingly, they haven’t yet released a follow up to this brilliant watch. We looked at it a few years ago, loved it, and it is still the watch I am … Read more