The future of Honda dash touchscreens

Honda’s all-new electric vehicle prototype has been equipped with huge 12.3 inches Honda Dash Touchscreen. Their main objective is to provide the driver as well as the passenger a refined big screen experience. Both users can operate separate apps on separate 12-inch screens. The screens have a similar style to Honda’s current UI, which is user-friendly. The UI makes it easy to switch between apps and customize them. Both users can swipe between shortcuts simultaneously on their own screens.

The main idea behind Honda dash touchscreens

Honda is keen on bringing a completely new experience for users. They have designed the software to match the likes of smartphones. The screens are compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Passengers can even enjoy watching a video while the car is parked since the screens are the size of contemporary laptops. You can even watch movies with friends or family while stuck in a traffic jam.

Honda has equipped it with a voice-controlled Honda assistant to make the user experience even better. You can sync a smartphone with the displays to keep a track of the charging. Moreover, the smartphone can be used as a digital key to start the car and also to share navigation details directly from the smartphone screen to the big screens.

The first-hand experience

Honda has launched a video to show people a first-hand experience of the EV’s special feature through a virtual screen. Both Honda dash touchscreens are situated on the dashboard are at a clear visible angle for the driver as well as the passenger. They both have the same functionality and features. You can download apps from the Play Store and Appstore to diversify your experience. The Honda dash touchscreens have all the latest features that are in the market today. The software is up to date and Honda has done its best to revolutionize the whole car multimedia experience for customers.

You can check the teaser video by clicking here

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