MP Magic Socks – Odourless socks that promise 6 days of wear!

Socks are one of those interesting things that we all have to live with. Whether you live in a hot country or cold, custom dictates that you wear shoes in formal settings, and with any kind of footwear comes socks. In cold countries, socks offer not just protection for your feet, but also warmth. However, as everybody knows, socks can get pretty smelly and sweaty. MP Magic Socks are looking to beat the traditional sock by offering an odourless sock that can be worn for 6 days straight!

I was sent this as a challenge, and I thought, hey, why not, let’s try these MP Magic Socks out!

MP Magic Socks – Features

  • Verified deodorant efficacy
  • Antibacterial and Breathable
  • Three-metal infused
  • Anti-slip
  • Super durable and Comfortable
  • Stiffness reduction
  • Comfortable

The feel

I generally use padded sports socks or woolly socks, both of which tend to be a lot thicker. These ones are more like your generic dress cotton socks. They are very thin, which means if you have uncomfortable/hard shoes, you will definitely feel them through these.

Being breathable also means that they do not offer a lot of warmth, and are generically a ‘cool’ sock rather than a warm one.

They go on and off quite well, and the ‘anti-slip’ quality definitely holds.

The odour test

So – this was the one I had to try out. The socks are breathable as well as anti-bacterial. This is pretty common in good quality sportswear, and as anybody who indulges in sports knows, those items go a long way in helping remove and avoid odours. Those people also know that a bit of odour still lingers in the clothing item, even if it isn’t too bad.

This was the case with the MP Magic Socks. After the third consecutive day of wear, you could feel a bit of smell lingering around them. (SORRY!)

The stiffness test

The other issue that socks suffer from is stiffness. Your sweat contains salts and a combination of salt and water tends to make socks grow stiff after a bit of wear. These socks stayed soft day after day after day.

More information

More information on these as well as buying options can be found on their website.

MP Magic Socks – verdict

These are great socks to have on you, especially if you are travelling. However, since they do not offer a lot of padding, they do not make great sports socks. The ability to wear them for a few days in a row helps a lot

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