Reports Claim – All New Apple iPhones to Support 5G in 2020

Apple logo 5G

Currently, 90% of the smartphone market is making use of the internet. Mobile data gained popularity as people began using their smartphones like personal computers. With the rise in the use of social media, everyone feels the need to have the internet on their phones. The main reason is to stay connected with friends and … Read more

What is Google up to with its new voice search assistant?

Everyone using a google smartphone must be familiar with the voice icon in the search bar. Google has had it for years, performing tasks for users such as looking things up. However, recently it has been reported that Google is up to something else. Google will replace the traditional Voice Search phrase ‘Hey Google,” with … Read more

Qandeel Baloch killed but not silenced

Qandeel Baloch, also known as Kim Kardashian of Pakistan, came and conquered Pakistani social media scene in no time. What appeared as a provocative account challenging the social and cultural norms to many people, was there to show the true mirror to many people. She called herself a one-woman army who was enough to fight … Read more

Digging Deep into the Deepfake Appeal


The term Deepfake itself is a combination of ‘Deep Learning’ and ‘Fake’. Belonging to the larger body of Machine Learning, Deep Learning depends on artificial neural networks to process raw information. Deepfake is AI-dependent technology which is used to create or modify video that implies false situations. This term first came into being back in … Read more

Singer Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife speaks up against domestic violence

Women have started speaking up! Since the #MeToo movement we have seen a great awakening among the women regarding their rights. While many women chose to stay shut about any violence and harassment against them have now decided to come out in open and talk about their stories. Even in Pakistan, women have started mustering … Read more

We will still use FaceApp: come what may

Right now the biggest craze on social media is an application called FaceApp. From celebrities to common people, everyone has been smitten by the bug. Humans have always held a fascination for the future. The most popular feature of this application is the user’s ‘old’ face which shows how you will look some decades down … Read more

Garmin Forerunner 45 – Connectivity Issues

After having had quite enough with the Polar M600 and its connectivity issues with iOS, I decided to go and buy a different smartwatch. I do have a few non-smartwatches (or watches, if you may) that I use, but since their straps are breaking, batteries are dead, etc, none of them are quite ‘wear and … Read more

App Creations

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App developers are the future for your business. It is no longer enough to have a website, not even one that is optimised for mobile. If you want to get ahead of the competition and meet the ever-changing needs of your customers, you need an app. The form that app takes greatly depends on the … Read more