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Embrace your inner hygge this Autumn with Pure

With the advent of autumn rises the inner hygge of joy. The season brings with the cozy and warm feeling as the weather gets colder and drier. The scenery surrounding you becomes different in a beautiful way. To complement this beautiful music becomes essential. 

Pure has brought to you the best products to enjoy your long and cold nights in the most Danish way. To channel your inner hygge, the company has introduced radios and speakers in a wide variety. With good weather comes the natural need to spend time with friends and family or listening to good music or podcasts. Pure has got you covered for all such situations. You will never miss out on any cozy evening as long as you have Pure to fill you in with the tunes. 


Credits: pure.com

Price: £229.99

Where to buy: John Lewis

Colours: Silver and Graphite

This elegant compact speaker comes in Silver and Graphite colors. It will only cost you 

£229.99 and you can easily buy it from John Lewis. The smart speaker will bring you closer to your podcasts and tunes. It can be used through manual touchscreen controls. The two amazing features it offers are that it functions as a fully voice-activated full speaker as well as being the only smart speaker that physically disconnects the microphones to ensure privacy when it is closed. 

It produces an all-round 360 degrees sound to enhanced your listening experience. Its discovery will allow you to save any song that attracts you to the Spotify playlist. This makes it super easy to come up with new cozy and relaxing playlists for the autumn nights. It has huge battery support of up to5 hours and the compactness allows users to easily take it with them on the go and enjoy music anywhere they want.


Credits: pure.com

Price: £169.99

Where to buy: John Lewis

Colours: Silver and Graphite

This innovative radio speaker is priced at £169.99, available in Silver and Graphite colors. You can get this from John Lewis as well. The best sound package in an all-round 360 format. Without comprising the sound quality, it offers both Bluetooth and aux support. Similar to the DiscovR it has a long-lasting battery life of 15 hours. Moreover, it has smart features such as Alexa controls and digital radio. The compactness again allows it to be extremely portable, making it possible to take your music and podcasts anywhere while having the ability to receive commands due to Alexa.

Evoke H4

Evoke H4
Credit: pure.com

Price: £149.99

Where to buyJohn Lewis

Colours: Oak and Walnut  

The best sounding machine here is priced at £149.99. The colors available are Oak and Walnut. This device is also available at John Lewis. It has the ability to emit crystal clear sounds while supporting both Bluetooth music streaming as well as digital radio.it is perfect to share your music and radio endeavors with friends and family. Similar to nordic design it also acts as a good home accessory. It comes in warm wood tones, giving the product a natural feel. 

The special house support allows users to set kitchen timers, dual alarms, and related program information. It is also equipped with a colored screen to give a modern touch to the traditional wood feel. You can use its high-quality speakers to enjoy the music anywhere in the house or even use headphones to have me time whenever you feel like.

About Pure

Pure being the world’s leading digital radio brand is working tirelessly to bring innovative products for the customers. It is continuously succeeding at its goal of redefining the contemporary live and on-demand listening experience, making it accessible anywhere anytime. 

It is based at state-of-the-art engineering facilities just outside of London. Pure aims to bridge the world of music and radio through a combination of beautifully crafted design, stunning audio quality, and seamless connectivity.

All products come with an industry-leading three years warranty as standard, benefitting from its heritage of developing award-winning digital radio products for the home and on the move.

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