Less is More: Tech’s Newest Minimalistic Finds

The world that we live in today gives us quite the sensory overload; bright colours, gaudy details, and loud presences. In such a world a break is always welcome, and what better way to get so than by everyday appliances. Introducing the tech market’s latest grabs, all of which channel one element: minimalism.

1) The Barisieur – Coffee and Tea Alarm Clock

coffee and tea timer

£350 – www.barisieur.com

Imagine waking up to the lulling melody of frothing water and the aroma of your favourite hot beverage. Sounds like nothing short of a dream, right? With the Barisieur coffee and tea alarm clock, you can do just that. Ward off your early morning crankiness with a trip down memory lane, as this visionary alarm clock is reminiscent of a vinyl player complete with a hint of modern-day filter coffee. What better way to remain in touch with reality whilst embarking on a technological cleanse than the device that pulls you into the waking world.

2) Ruark R5 Music System

Ruark Speaker

£999- www.ruarkaudio.com 

Multitasking is a mark of the millennial, and that’s why we’re particularly drawn to all-inclusive appliances. The Ruark R5 Music System, of course, stays true to this quality by combining a range of features. But that’s not all, it also creates a bridge of harmony between the old and the new by staying true to its remarkable quality but elevating the exterior to match today’s specific tastes. Even the R5’s navigation options aren’t limited, what with it having both the Ruark’s trademark RotoDial as well as a radio link remote control, giving the user increased leverage. And of course, what would a music system of the 21st century be without mobile phone adaptability. That’s why the R5 has its own application settings which make your music experience a walk in the park.

3) Bang & Olufsen Beosound 2


£1,650 – www.bang-olufsen.com/en 

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound 2 speaker system has revolutionized the surround speaker experience. Their unique Acoustic Lens Technology allows a single speaker to create an all-around sound system effect which immerses any capacity with its remarkable sound quality. Not to mention, they’ve added particular appeal by developing a sleek look that adds elegance to any setting.

4) Astell & Kern A&ultima SP2000


£3,299 –www.astellnkern.com

The latest audio device from Astell & Kern packs in all the makings of a good sound system into a concise, movable body. Perfect for road trips or parties, the SP2000 makes for easy carrying all whilst giving a wider sound berth and better sound division. It’ll surely take up rank as an elite on the move sound experience.

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