Stay warm with this awesome Zippo giveaway

Zippo is a household brand when it comes to lighting products. As the leaves start to turn brown, the beautiful summer we have had is turning to winter. Have no fear though, as Zippo also provides you with products that keep you warm during the winter months. With the following two products, you don’t need … Read more

Brace Yourself, Winter is Coming!

  With winter quickly approaching, it’s now time to start thinking about the best ways to beat the cold. With the AirPatrol WiFi controller, you can keep your home warm and cosy, while saving energy and money at the same time. The controller connects seamlessly with the AirPatrol mobile application, allowing you to control your … Read more

Get the (wo)man in your life some handy tools!

As somebody who is quite fond of clever gadgets and tools, I quite like the idea of everything that packs in more than feature in one. During a recent event, I ran into some people from Gifts with Style, and as I expressed my likes to them, they came up with a couple of very … Read more

Review: Joseph Joseph: Extend™ Expandable dish drainer – Clever, beautiful, convenient, but expensive

I am a big fan of kitchen gadgets. Sadly, a lot of them are just gimmicks who promise you convenience at some other weird cost. Often, they are rather convenient at things such as slicing, dicing or peeling, but a pain to clean after that first use. Some of them promise a lot at a … Read more