Winter is coming: Brace your wood burning stoves!

The thought of winter may bring to you the thought of gloomy days with not much to do. However, it doesn’t have to be all bad. As winter makes it way towards us, it paves way for lots of wonderful things. Lovely warm jackets and jumpers, snow, and that magical smell of the wood burning … Read more

Audi Connect helps the Bayern Munich stars pick their ultimate 5-a-side team

What would you do if you had to pick your own team from a whole city? The interesting challenge was presented to the FC Bayern Munich players by Audi, where they had to drive around New York and find themselves a team. The premise was simple. The Bayern Munich boys were divided into two teams: … Read more

Review: Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless Earphones – Built in Heart Rate monitor for all your fitness needs

Fitness is definitely the new fad, and there are plenty of fitness devices out there. Some of them simply measure your steps. Others give you heart rate monitoring, and the higher spec ones even throw in GPS. Most of these come in the form of bands or pack in a watch to make it convenient … Read more

Denon anounces the AH-C821 – In Ear headphones featuring Double Air Compression Drivers

Audio company Denon has just announced their latest offering of in-ear headphones. The AH-C821 not only offer a beautifully crafted package, but also feature a double aid compression driver, giving two 11.5 drives to deliver powerful, low distortion bass. The focus is clearly to aim the most discerning listener. Being compact and lightweight means they … Read more

Oxygen Delivery System (Solar-Powered) Delivered Children In Uganda 

This new development was recorded in Uganda, one of the African countries. No matter how difficult it is for you to believe the reality of this event, children who have been diagnosed for complicated pneumonia have been saved through the provision of oxygen (highly concentrated ones) from an innovated oxygen (solar powered) delivery mechanism. This … Read more

Review: Verve Ones – Truly wireless, but not the finished product

First came EarIn. Then came a whole range of ‘truly wireless’ headphones. Motorola (or Binatone, who actually produced these) were not far behind rest of the pack, and got in first with their offering, the Verve Ones. They come in two flavours, the regular (Verve Ones), and the sportier, water proof version, the Verve Ones … Read more

Review: Kobo Aura One – E reader for bath and bed time!

Kobo has been the underdog in the e-reader market for a while. While their libraries are not as extensive as the ones found on their main competitors (ahem) their hardware has always given them a great run for money. The Aura One is the latest release from the company, and not only have they improved the … Read more

Review: Garmin DriveAssist – Behold, the future of Sat Navs

Satellite navigation hasn’t really changed much in the last 10 odd years. Yes, it was rather exciting when they first popped up on the market, but not much has changed about them since their introduction. You have a few major players, who keep churning out products, while mobile apps are giving them a good run … Read more