WinX MediaTrans – Manage your iPhone without iTunes

It is not secret that not many Windows users like to use iTunes. It is slow, it takes up a lot of resources, and it is often painful to run in the background. While a lot of it can now be dealt in the cloud, sometimes, you just have to try and use your desktop to deal with your iPhone. Enter WinX MediaTrans, a complete solution for all your iPhone transfer needs. The software can handle everything from photo backups and iBook transfers to even letting you use your iPhone or iPad as a flash drive!mediatrans

Using it to free up space

Since you can use it for any kind of file transfer, this is the ideal software to free up space on your iPhone. Just copy your photos, music, videos or audio across to your computer. All can be done within seconds and through a user friendly interface.

Manage your music



Much like iTunes, you can do more than just copy your music across between devices. You can use this to import or export music as well as create and modify playlists. You can also edit artist or album infos directly from your computer.

The interface is based on drag and drop, making it very easy to manage.

Video file management


WinX MediaTrans also takes importing and exporting video files to a whole new level. You can not only convert files to any format, such as MKV, MP4 or AVI, but you can also optimize it for size, and even auto-rotate it. You can even edit the video quality to get 4K, HD, or whatever you prefer.


Transferring photos from iPhone to Windows PC is the basic feature of WinX MediaTrans. Simply connect your device, fire up the software and easily transfer your photos. This iPhone transfer software enables you to store photos by day/month/year, so that you can easily choose the photos you want to transfer.

Using your iPhone as a USB Device

Back in the day, when the iPods first came out, they use to act as flash drives as well. Somewhere between then and the first iPhone, the feature was removed from the iOS software. The MediaTrans software simply bypasses that problem by letting you use your iPhone as a flash drive. PDFs? Excel Files? Just load them up on your phone and you’re good to go.

Other handy features

Two other handy features on the software is the ability to manage and create ringtones, as well as deal with your iBooks.

All of this makes this the best iPhone manager.

More information

More information on the WinX MediaTrans software can be found on the WinXDVD website.

If you are just looking to see what this iPhone manager can do, you can get a free license code to have a try. The original price is $35.95, now is totally free for every participators.

However, if you were looking to buy it, a bunch of offers are already available for the next few days:


Go ahead, give it a go!


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