Online buying vs. buying on the high street: which is better?

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Shopping for things of necessity and items of luxury is something that we all like to indulge in. While some of us like the excitement of visiting malls or stores to hand pick items we wish to buy, others are more comfortable with making the purchases over the web. Both high street shopping and online shopping have their pros and cons but the fact that more and more individuals are switching to online shopping cannot be ignored. So which form of shopping is better? Online buying or buying on the high street? Let’s find out.

Online shopping positives

  • The greatest benefit of shopping online is that it saves a lot of time as well as the money spent on travelling to the malls or stores. One saves time on travelling, getting ready and moving from one store to another to buy what they are looking for.
  • Another benefit of online shopping is that it offers a great deal of comfort and one can shop from their homes, offices, public transport through their computers and even mobile phones. One can shop in their pyjamas and don’t really need any special preparations for going out.
  • Online shopping allows one to browse through a larger collection in a shorter span of time and also compare prices and designs etc before purchasing products. One can compare the same products on different websites and then decide which one offers the best price. This also enables one to save money.
  • There are no time restrictions when it comes to online shopping as compared to high street shopping where you can shop only during restricted hours. Moreover, there is limited collection of items in stores and unlimited collection online.
  • Online shopping may give more access to discounts in the form of vouchers etc that enable you to save more. For example, when shopping at sites like, you can find and redeem many attractive vouchers and hence make your shopping experience much better.


High street shopping positives

  • No matter how advance technology will get, the pleasure of going to stores or malls to shop cannot be replaced by online shopping.
  • High street shopping gives people the benefit of venturing out and finding a break from their daily mundane lives. Online shopping involves use of gadgets and technology but high street shopping gives people a pleasant change and makes them move away from these devices for a while.
  • Not all stores, brands and companies sell their products online and for certain things, one has to go for the option of high street shopping. On the other hand, almost everything that sells online also sells in the market places and this is another benefit of high street shopping.
  • Whatever we buy in the market comes home with us and is ready for instant use. The same is not true for online shopping since products may take time to reach us.

So which one are you in favour of? Online shopping or high street shopping?

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