Top things to consider when styling your kitchen

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 What makes a perfect kitchen? Is it the size? Is it the cooker? Is it the lighting? Is it the arrangement? The exact answer varies per person. However, a specific set of items and decisions can be looked at to help make your kitchen the best you want it to be. In this article we explore some of the main ones that we think work best.

New or refurbished

Probably the first thing to consider if you are looking to revamp your kitchen is whether you want to simply refurbish the kitchen you already have, or rip the whole thing apart and start afresh. Both have their pros and cons.

Of course, the refurbished one may be cheaper, and it may allow you to just chop and change the things you want, while not paying attention to the rest. If you are relatively happy with how your kitchen is designed, but want a better equipped one, this may be the option for you.

The new one may be more expensive, and you may need to be without a kitchen at home for a while, but it does come with the option of having a complete makeover, which includes the ability to change everything, from location of your faucets to the minutia such as colours of your cupboards. If you think you are in a congested space, or your kitchen doesn’t make effective use of space, this is definitely the way forward.

DIY or Professional

Once you have decided that you want a new kitchen, the next thing to consider is whether you want to go and buy a pre-designed package for yourself, or go and get yourself a professionally designed kitchen. Once again, there is the cost and time factor here.

The cost for a professional kitchen may be high, but it will come with a professional design, probably a set of plans that will be guaranteed to work, and will normally take a small amount of time. Generally the professional setup will also look after the stock and you get a complete installation at the end of it.

The DIY is definitely the cheaper approach, but it may mean that you will end up with more work on your hands than you originally planned. However, these days, most DIY kit is designed to work well, and there is always room for flexibility and improvement. If you do build your kitchen yourself, you will always have the skill you learnt from it, and the ability to just go and improve things as per your needs.

The plumbing

Once you have decided what approach to take, you have a few decisions to make. The most important one is that of the plumbing. Decide what kind of a sink and faucets you would like, and where you would like to place them. See if your plans fit in the space you have available.

Once that is decided, it is important to figure out the other items that need a water pipe and a drainage system to them. That will be your washing machine, your dishwasher, and any other such equipment you have in your kitchen.

Then comes the cooking range. If you have a gas supply and a gas oven, you probably need to make sure that you are well plumbed with the all important gas connection.

The cooker

Once you know all of the above, go and find yourself a cooker. If you are putting a new one, don’t be shy about making sure all your needs and demands are met. Splash out a bit. Make sure it will work for your life style and your needs.

Also, keep an eye out for the latest innovations in cookers. You may find simple innovations such as safety features all the way up to cookers with built in touch-screens for recipes and exhaust fans.

The refrigeration

Once you have got your cooker sorted, sort your refrigeration needs out. This is purely dependant on you as an individual or as a family. A simple basic rule is that the more space you have, both for freezing and cooling, the better it is. Options include items such as under desk to tall standing ones. You can also choose between wide ones and ones that come with extra tech thrown in, such as WiFi capabilities and such like.

Other white goods

Following all this, you make sure you get your white goods, and see how well they fit in. By default, this will be a washing machine and a dishwasher, but could be other items too. They come in various shapes and options, so make sure you look at your needs and go with that.

This also includes the basics, such as kettles, toasters, microwave ovens, blenders, etc. If your previous kit was good enough, there is a chance you may be able to just put them back in your new kitchen. Of course, sometimes it is just nice to have a newer shiny item.


Probably the most important item. After all, you have to store all your crockery and china. Many different options exist. The rule is the same. Give yourself way more space than you need. You will thank yourself later!

The Gadgets

Now this is our favourite part. The gadgets. Gadgets for kitchens include everything from connected cookers and blenders to fridges that tell you your daily appointments. It isn’t just about IoT and gimmicks though. The items can be used to deliver recipes, cook meals per recipes with little human input, or deliver you precise measurements. Make sure you have a look for what is available and within your budget. Making room for a few of these in your kitchen might be one of the best things you do!

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