CU Exposed

CU ExposedBernie, Matt and I visited the CU Exposed show today and got to see and play with some truly awesome gadgets. We’re hoping to get some in-depth reviews up for you all soon but here’s a quick description of what we saw.

Lots of iPhone and iPad cases, chargers and other accessories. Of particular note were the covers from TwelveSouth which make your device look like a leather bound book. Extremely stylish and really durable, these will be an excellent Christmas present. Oh, and you can even keep your Oyster card or similar in the wallet part!

Some funky connections from Tylt that allow you to connect multiple devices via one USB. We particularly liked the one that would allow us to plug in the car sat nav and charge a mobile phone at the same time…

Bernie and Matt both raved about the sound quality from the Atomic Floyd earbud headphones and we’re hoping to review these soon so keep your eyes open. Apparently Metallica sounded pretty awesome through these funky red and black buds.

I totally fell in love with the Bang & Olufsen stand. I grew up with a beautiful, sleek Beocenter 2200 and have always loved the sound and style of their range. I coveted pretty much everything there but the A9 speaker absolutely blew me away. A sleek disc, it’s designed more as a piece of furniture than a music player. You can have it standing on it’s three wooden legs in a range of colours, change the cover colours and even hang it on the wall. It will stream your music via AirPlay or open streaming DNLA and the sound will fill a room, even a large conference room like we were in. Swiping your hand across the back adjusts the volume or tapping it will mute it. Absolutely stunning and if I had £1700 to spare I would have one like a shot. It is Christmas soon, so you never know!

Another favourite for all of us was the Kanex keyboard. This allows you to connect three devices via Bluetooth to one keyboard, meaning you can be working on your laptop, tweeting from your mobile and playing Candy Crush from your tablet all from one keyboard. Simply click a button to switch between devices and it even has a power switch to save you having to reach round the back of your Mac to find that elusive button! This is going to retail at a bargain price of £70. And it has a number keypad so if like me, you love your Apple wireless keyboard but bemoan the lack of numbers on the right, this will be perfect!

Loads more there but these were some of our favourites. Thanks to Computers Unlimited for hosting the event and keeping us busy!

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