Wishlist: A personal shopper for gadgets/tech

Our latest wish comes from another one of our great Twitter friends, @TonyOX3. Tony, as you may have sussed it, keeps us up to date with what goes on in good old OX3. He also is a top tweeter and was responsible for the very first freebie giveaway we had on our website. Here, is his wish, in his own words:

Top of my wishlist isn’t a gadget but a person. I need a new computer. Quite badly. But I’m overwhelmed by the choices available and it’s hard to find the time I need to do all the research and comparisons. So — my wish is for a Personal Shopper who’ll listen to what I need/want and come back to me with a shortlist of about 3 alternatives from which I can choose with confidence that they’ll meet my requirements. Thank you. 🙂

Simple as this may sound to many of you gadget and technology experts, it is no easy task. We find it hard enough when we’re presented with such choices, and for sure, we have all got families, colleagues and friends who often turn to us with the same question. The trick is not getting them the best thing available on the market, but the best thing that THEY WANT or NEED! This is where it gets tricky, and requires not just your technical knowledge, but also the interest and patience to be able to understand what they need.

So, while other ones do not exist, these do. Is any of you fine people willing to help Tony? He is of course contactable via Twitter, or you can drop us a line at contact@oxgadgets.com !

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