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The latest entry to our Wishlist section comes from Bryan (@brykins), who just won our competition. Here is what he has to say:

Hi! While I wait for my lovely keyboard case to arrive I thought I’d to my wishlist – having just read about the guy that wants a shopper……me, I like to look around and spend time searching 🙂

Top of my list is the perfect phone… doesn’t yet exist. I have a Samsung Note 2 which is excellent in every way – operating system, memory, processor, the whole package. But I wish there were a version that lost a third of the screen and gave me a “real” keyboard in it’s place. I miss the feel of proper keys and find that I’d be more than happy to sacrifice some screen for keys that I can type on again (just like my old Blackberry and Palm Treo devices). But the few manufactures that do actually produce Android handsets with keyboards seem to insist on crippling them in some way – they lower the screen resolution, cut down on storage, processor speed or other features making them a poor choice.

And much as I hate to say it….I’ve not yet found an Android phone that feels as nice in the hand or as well made as an iPhone4/4s/5 – and I struggle to see why, given the price of some high end Android devices.

Second on my list…..a mid-range laptop that has real-use specs. Just like the phone problem, laptop manufactures seem to aim for cheap and crippled, or hugely expensive and bells, whistles and built-in coffee warmers.

My biggest issue is screen sizes – almost all 11″ laptops are under-powered. All 14-15″ laptops are fitted with awful 1366×768 screens and anything with a decent resolution seems to jump way up into the £700 price mark. No-one seems to be filling the £500, 13″, 1600×900 or so spec range. Useful, not too heavy, not too crippled.

Last on my list….a Nexus 7 that’s half as thick and has a micro-SD card slot. Everything else about it is perfect, it’s my favourite device in years. But if it were just a bit thinner…..

No doubt people will have suggestions that fill the three voids above. Then the only problem I’ll have is not having any spare money to actually buy the things 🙁

Bryan (@brykins)

Well, I have to say, I totally agree with everything he says here.

My favourite phone of all time was the Sony Ericsson P1i, a phone that packed in great features at a time before iPhones and Androids, and gave you a full physical keyboard. It kept the size small, and used rocker keys to reduce size, but they worked, by God they worked! I still keep that phone with me, and will probably keep it with me for a long time! It also had everything you needed for a phone, a slot for microSD, a touch screen, Blackberry services and email, a great camera and even packed in a stylus. However, while they don’t make a newer version of that any more, I can tell you Bryan that the keyboard you have just won will also work with your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Personally, going by looks, while the iPhone, and all other Apple products, are beautifully packaged, I think that design is almost a bit boring now.

Screen sizes! Something I have been looking at recently too. A laptop that is small but packs in good features and is not too expensive. Yes you have the Ultrabooks range now, but by golly, they are expensive! When it comes to cheaper but good machines, you have to do with a heavy 14-15” package. So computer manufacturers, pay attention!!! You already have a market waiting for these!

Owning and loving a Nexus 7 myself, I would definitely agree with this too, though I think we are pushing it a bit now!

Do you have any ‘wishes’ regarding to your gadgets and technology needs? Give us a shout! We’d love to publish them! Email them at!

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    • 🙂 Yeah… The M600 was what graduated to become the P1i… beautiful phone… sad they dropped that series and went on to the Xperia range.. they could have given BB some good run for their money!


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