Sweet Tooth Heera Mandi: Bringing back the long lost tales of Lahore

Heera Mandi Lahore has always been a citadel of art and culture.It is located in the interior Lahore which is an epitome of history, art and civilization. However with time it is not the same anymore. The once marks of aristocracy and culture are now reduced to debris and ruins. One of such places is Heera Mandi or the famously known Red Light area of Lahore. Not only this place is way different from what it used to be but even taking the name raises brows. It is a taboo to take the name; leave alone visiting it.


The silver lining is that efforts are still being made to bring this long lost charm back. We recently came across the news of this to-be-opened venture ‘Sweet Tooth Heera Mandi’. We saw this on the famous Facebook group ‘Foodies R Us’ and were caught in awe.



Sweet Tooth has always been loved by ice-cream enthusiasts but this time they chose their social responsibility to be equally important.

Umer Hussain the enthusiastic owner who has also been involved in many other groundbreaking projects was there to set all in wonder or maybe horror. We knew already that we HAD to dig the details of this exciting project.

To everyone’s disbelief Umer decided to question everyone criticising him instead of replying to their stereotypical remarks.

‘The question is why not Heera Mandi? We have a history of running away from admitting who we are and what we did wrong. Heera Mandi is not named after the presumed diamonds (girls) we think people buy there.It has been named after Heera Singh. Once a centre of culture and civilization, the British turned it into a prostitution hub for their army. How did we let that happen? Sweet Tooth Heera Mandi is aimed at firstly breaking the taboo of the place.  Secondly it intends to make a wake up call of how culturally rich we were and what we have come to. “



Interestingly Umer is very aware of what he has gotten himself into. When we asked him about the people’s response he replied,

‘Every time I say the word Heera Mandi people start staring at me, that is how much damage we have done to that place.. People will respond; not sure how well. But that’s something I am ready to face.’

This is one brave guy.

Now coming to the food which is our lifeline. Sweet Tooth’s menu is expected to be some fusion food along with Sweet Tooth’s signature items. Some of the exciting food items that Umer graciously agreed to tell are Butter Chicken Pasta, Makhni Pasta, Jani Burger and Gulab Jamun Donuts. Interesting, no?


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We can not wait to visit Sweet Tooth Heera Mandi as soon as it opens its doors and arms for the public. Let’s break the taboos and say it loud

‘At Sweet Tooth Heera Mandi with 49 others.’






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