Loewe Launch New Art Deco Inspired Bild 9

bild 9 loewe

On 3rd May 2017 Loewe will launch the Bild 9, a sophisticated new TV designed by London-based Bodo Sperlein, who has previously worked for Swarovski, Nikkon and Lladro.

bild 9 loewe

The stylish Bild 9 is crafted with an Art Deco inspired, sculptural solid steel frame in either chic matt gold or a more classic graphite and the geometric shapes give this television a unique look. The display at a mere 7mm provides an almost ‘floating’ quality. It has a high-quality fabric cover, discreetly hiding the connections and cables at the back for a neat and minimal 360 degree design.

loewe bild 9

Self-lighting organic pixels provide pristine picture quality and unlike LCD does not require back lighting. The response time is less than a microsecond so the pixels vanish to complete blackness in an instant.

The Bild 9 gives excellent HDR images with an outstanding colour spectrum. Even the most subtle of nuances appear authentic.

The user interface is pretty simple to understand and use. There is a simple home screen that displays a choice of TV channels, apps, recordings and external sources. It is also compatible with the Loewe app which can be downloaded for your smartphone or tablet. The app can be change channels, call up background information on current viewing or select a programme guide. It is also possible to access Tidal and online video libraries such as Amazon Video through the Bild 9.

The RRP is £6990 so it is one for the lottery winners! If you would like to know more about it you can visit the Loewe website.

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