Review: IRIS – Android’s Siri

By Sami Mughal Within 8 hours of Apple announcing the latest feature on their new iPhone 4S, Siri, Dexetra came out with their own version. Ironically it is called Iris, which is Siri spelt backwards. Being more of an android person myself, I had to give it a go, so I downloaded it. before … Read more

Review: Desk Genie

The very name ‘Desk Genie’ ( inspires a lot of wonder as well as scepticism. However, to say that I am impressed would be an understatement. I ordered this contraption that comes with many promises mostly out of curiosity, but the fact that it has delivered everything on the list definitely gives it a good … Read more

Review: Philips SDC5100 Notebook Cushion with built in speaker

By Sami Mughal Philips have been very clever in putting a speaker inside a notebook cushion. Even better, they have actually done a good job at combining both those things. The SDC5100 functions as both, a very comfortable notebook cushion as well as a pretty decent speaker. The quality of the build is very good. … Read more