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Review: Wool and the Gang

This is one for those who like knitting, and those who like to be stay warm in the cold winter months. It being cold and with the holidays season running on a high, I came across Wool and the gang (http://www.woolandthegang.com), where you can buy needles, yarn, wool, knitting kits, and of course, they also sell sweaters that come with their own cosy woolly and warm comfort.

Call me what you may, but I have always looked at knitting as something I would like to try out someday. And while that ‘someday’ has not come yet, I would like to make it happen. Someday, of course! And if anybody shares this with me, they have loads of videos and help which teach you how to knit, explaining in detail how all the different knots work, going from snoods to sweaters to hoodies!

They try to promote the craft of hand-knitting in our oh-so-busy lives, trying to get people to fall in love with this art again. Being helpful they promise you the best experience possible. They deliver top quality wool, with patterns that go from plain simple to highly sophisticated.

So yeah, if you are looking to make use of your holiday time this festive season, and need to find a wool shop that caters to your knitting needs, you know where to click!

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9 thoughts on “Review: Wool and the Gang

  1. ahhh sami of all the people i know you, YOU like knitting or would like to try it 😀 join the club. my mum’s really good at it 😀 she knitted aset of sweater, cap and socks for my new born niece 😀

    awww i m soooo glad i read this post of all 😀 thanks for the link and i would love to learn knitting too, some day….i wanted to knit something for my niece, but oh well time nai tha excuse came to rescue…


  2. yes it is..as in i watched one video and it told me exactly what my mum tried to make me learn and i was doing quite ok until i got occupied with uni stuff… but ya coming across this post particularly by you..is kinda a ‘sign’ that i have to leanr knitting 😀 ehehe. i hope we’ll keep each other posted on our progress on knitting 😉

  3. it’s good website..we don’t need now i told my friends they would also visit them…this is the good information to know new website keep post the fantastic blogs.

  4. Wool and the Gang’s product is substandard, doesn’t knit to gauge, doesn’t include the pattern or needles half the time and the company is unreachable and will not give you a refund. Do NOT buy this product for any reason. They misrepresent themselves as being from NYC when they are from Switzerland. As a yarn store I am now warning people against their product because they have taken my money since April, have been nothing but rude and evasive, and haven’t given me a refund. Master Card will now be taking care of it.

    1. I hear your pain, while I enjoy some of their patterns and their cotton yarn is nice, I too have had some difficult times in dealing with the staff. I was not impressed with the $35 shipping and then they sent it to my old address, so I was then on the hook to pay another $20 in shipping. They didn’t seem to care at all.

  5. So happy to hear some real review about wool and the gang,I’m surprised not to find more.I have bad experience with them twice and I’m not ordering anything from them anymore.Their patterns are easy but the gauge doesn’t make sense.Customer support isn’t good at all and super slow shipping…not to mention what the price 🙁

  6. Absolutely appalling! Mistakes in patterns, customer service sit on e mails for a week or so before bothering to respond and excessively expensive. However, the yarn is beautiful. I have placed so many orders with them and they muck the delivery up nearly every time

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