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Review: Philips SDC5100 Notebook Cushion with built in speaker

By Sami Mughal
Philips have been very clever in putting a speaker inside a notebook cushion. Even better, they have actually done a good job at combining both those things. The SDC5100 functions as both, a very comfortable notebook cushion as well as a pretty decent speaker.
The quality of the build is very good. The cushion proved to be very comfortable on my lap, and kept the heat away. The top surface is flat, so it ensures that the vents of the laptop do what they are supposed to do. Using a normal cushion may mean blocking the laptop/notebook vents, which could end up in it overheating, and being damaged or unable to sustain usual performance.
My laptop did not slip on the surface thanks to the feet underneath it, but in case your laptop does not have non-slip feet below,  the product comes with adhesive non-slip feet which you can stick on to the bottom of whatever laptop/notebook you own. It also has a small plastic non-slip strip in front which should prevent any laptop from slipping off.
I also found the laptop comfortable to type on when it was on top of this cushion.
The cushion underneath is very comfortable, and of a good build quality. The stitching is pretty neat as well.

The speakers come with a retractable USB Lead. This hides away nicely when not used.
The installation was seamless. As soon as you plug it the first time, Windows (Vista Home Premium) picked it up, and the speakers automatically came on. If the USB is unplugged the speakers automatically shift to the laptop/notebook speaker. Plug them in again and they shift seamlessly. I have used other USB speakers and normally you have to activate them. For this reason I found this very impressive.
The sound quality was quite good, though a bit high on the BASS side. It was much louder than the normal volume you would get from your laptop/notebook speakers.
It is specced to work with Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS 10.3.8 onwards. While I have not tried it with Windows 7, I believe it should work with it as well. Though don’t hold me for it!
Overall I found this a very satisfying product, and at £19.95 at http://mobilefun.co.uk, this is a very good value for money.
I have to thank www.mobilefun.co.uk for sending this out to review for me. If you want mobile phone speakers, laptop/notebook accessories, iPod/iPhone/iPad accessories,  or other mobile accessories, MobileFun is a great site to visit.

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