Tiny Tech Tip #1: You Can Set eBay Alerts for Rare Things You Want to Buy

Whether it’s a beloved toy from your childhood or a rare jacket you’ve always wanted, no one’s got time to keep searching the selling sites every day in case one appears.

That’s what eBay alerts are for. You can set one up for any search, and eBay will email you whenever there’s a new result (or you can tweak the settings to your liking, obviously, but the email is best if it’s a really rare thing that doesn’t come up often).

For instance, I’m in the market for this exact vintage Caboodles makeup case:

Image: Pinterest

Caboodles come up often, but not this exact one, so I have a search alert. Then when one appears that’s exactly right, I can grab it before anyone else does.

Similarly, my brilliant friend Kate recently found a replacement for a rare plate she’d broken:

eBay alerts are free and ridiculously easy to set up on the main site:

Then it’s just a case of waiting for that golden email.

What rare thing have you never been able to find for sale online? Let us know in the comments — maybe we can help each other track one down.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

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