Tiny tech tip #9: mute an annoying hashtag on Twitter and never see it again

Those of us who use Twitter often complain about its impact on mental health, not only from the constant barrage of #hustle nonsense like Instagram, but also from the uncontrollable influx of stuff we’re not interested in.

The thing is, it’s not actually uncontrollable at all, and a few small tweaks can make a HUGE difference to your timeline.

You can mute hashtags, words, terms, and of course entire accounts. That means if your friend is at a conference, you can turn off #TotallyNotAPyramidScheme and #HustleCon2021 and never see any of that crap again.

Similarly, mute that politician from abroad whose personal life you’re very, very tired of hearing about. Mute the pandemic. Mute TV programmes you have zero interest in (goodbye, Love Island). Mute the names of the main star signs (though you should probably keep ‘Cancer’ and ‘Leo’, unless you hate healthcare and DiCaprio). Mute sports teams and game hashtags. Mute ‘amazeballs,’ ‘actually’ and ‘devil’s advocate.’

Even mute #HollysMankyMoggies if you don’t want to see my incredible cat photos, but still enjoy the rest of my content (ha, there IS no other content!).

In short, mute all the stuff that makes your Twitter experience objectively worse.

In the mobile app:

  1. Open the three-line menu on the top left
  2. Settings and Privacy > Privacy and safety > Muted words

On web:

  1. Go to the bottom left More menu
  2. Click Settings and Privacy
  3. Privacy and safety > mute and block > muted words

Fun bonus: when you’ve filled your list with stuff to mute forever, it looks like a list of terrible tattoo ideas.

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