Tiny tech tip #3: you can block Ed Sheeran on Spotify

OK, and other bands and artists too. But realistically that’s who you’re going to use it for, right?

Blocking an artist on Spotify means if you listen to a playlist with one of their songs on, it’ll automatically skip. They also won’t come up in your auto-generated playlists like Discover Weekly anymore. Win.

Annoyingly, you can only do this on the Spotify mobile app, not the desktop one.

Here’s how:

Search for Sheeran, tap “don’t play this” on the artist menu (see left screenshot) and you’re done.

Next time you load up a playlist (including on desktop) that has a load of Sheeran in it, it’ll auto-skip those and just play the good stuff. Yay!

Who will you be muting on Spotify first?

Main image: Giphy

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