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Tiny tech tip #10: the fun way to zoom in and out

Is it just me, or do websites seem to be designed to be OBNOXIOUSLY HUGE on desktop computers now?

I’m on a 15-inch laptop, not some enormous widescreen monitor, but if I leave sites on their default settings, everything’s GINORMOUS. Especially on social media sites, for some reason.

I suspect the trend is because of mobile-first design, where everything has to be bigger because the screen’s tiny and you need to be able to poke things with your tubby fingers. But on web? Yuck, no thanks.

Thanks to this trend, I zoom out on pretty much every site I use regularly, and thankfully most browsers remember the setting for next time.

While it’s relatively easy to find the zoom setting in your browser window, there’s a much easier and more fun way to do it:

Hold down Ctrl on your keyboard and scroll your mouse wheel. The site will get bigger and smaller depending whether you’re scrolling up or down, and you can find the perfect text size for you that’s not all like HELLO I AM GMAIL HERE ARE THE FIRST THREE WORDS OF YOUR MESSAGES.

Ctrl + scroll: it works and it rhymes. If you’re viewing this article on web, give it a go now, it’s weirdly fun, especially if you time it to the beat of the music you’re listening to. Just me? OK.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

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