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SanDisk iXpand and Ultra Dual Drive

Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, it is always important to have access to more storage. Thanks to cloud solutions, it is really easy to keep backups. However, you might want to copy things from device to device, or just want to have extra storage handy. You might even have a Macbook Pro, and the only accessible port you have is a USB C. Luckily the designers at SanDisk have thought of all this and have come up with solutions for everyone. Whether you have a traditional USB port, or one of those fancy small ones, SanDisk has you covered!

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

Sandisk iXpand

Until recently, you couldn’t just plug a USB drive into an iPad or an iPhone. With iOS 13 on the way, at least iPads with their new USB C ports will be able to access portable storage in the form of USB sticks or portable hard drives. Till then, SanDisk has their iXpand Flash Drive.

It comes with the following features:

  • Works with the iXpand app
  • Can be set to automatically back up your photos every time you connect
  • Watch movies/media on the go.
  • Works with most cases
  • USB 3 High Speed Transfers
  • Comes in sizes of 16GB all the way up to 256GB.

You can find more about it on the SanDisk website.

Prices range from £28 for the 16GB solution all the way up to £122 for the £256GB solution. They can be bought via various online retailers such as Amazon.

Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C

Sandisk Ultra Drive USB C

And for everyone else, there is the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C. Whether you have a fancy new laptop, a fancy new iPad, or a fancy new Android, there is a good chance you have a USB C port on there.

It comes with the following features:

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: The Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C Flash Drive is a reversible connector. It includes both the dual USB Type-C and USB Type-A connectors, allowing you to seamlessly transfer files.
  • RAPID TRANSFER: Spend less time waiting for videos, photos, songs and other files to transfer thanks to the high-speed USB 3.1 performance. Freeing up space on your smartphone has never been easier!
  • USB TYPE-C COMPATIBILITY: The Ultra Dual USB Type-C Flash Drive is designed for next-gen devices with a USB Type-C port, allowing for instant file transfers between smartphones, tablets & computers.
  • EASY FILE MANAGEMENT: The SanDisk Memory Zone App (available in the Google Play store) lets you view, access & back up files from your phone’s memory in one location.

Interestingly, the 256GB version is only £25.99 on Amazon, making these very economical and attractive. They go from 16GB all the way up to 256GB.

More on these can be found on the SanDisk website.

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