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Netflix Hacks: How to Find the Best Content

Netflix has over 11.4 million subscribers in the UK as of 2019. Let’s be honest, many of us now prefer streaming services to satellite TV. Netflix is a dream for movie and TV fans – we just love a good binge-watching session. 

But the question is, are you taking full advantage of everything Netflix has to offer? There could be loads of awesome content you haven’t come across yet. Thanks to the popularity of Netflix, ever-advancing modern technology, and the ease with which information spreads across the web, people are constantly finding new ways to get the most out of Netflix. 

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1. Spin the Wheel

There are thousands of titles on Netflix. So, it’s not surprising if you’re sometimes stuck for an idea of what to watch. At this point, your only choice is to play Netflix Roulette. Choose your preferred genre and spin the wheel. You may just find an amazing new show to watch, who knows. Anyway, the best content for you might not be the hot show, that everybody is talking about right now. It might be the hidden gem you didn’t know you were looking for.

2. Get the Secret Codes

Do you have very specific tastes? Maybe, browsing the standard genres isn’t enough for you. Plus, who wants to sit for ages scrolling through the “Romance” or “Horror” section just to find something good to watch 30 minutes later. Well, the cool thing is, there are a bunch of hidden categories on Netflix that cater to all manner of niche tastes. Check out this list of secret codes and add your lucky number to the end of this URL: 


To give you a couple of examples of the hidden categories, there are choices such as “Screwball Comedies” and “Vampire Horror Movies”, which you for sure won’t find on the main list.

3. Go International

There are some amazing titles on Netflix but, alas, you can’t always watch them in your region. For example, Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest is on Netflix US but isn’t available in the UK. There are tonnes of differences between Netflix libraries in different countries. Thankfully, it is possible to unlock this content and expand your options by using a VPN that works with Netflix. The tool makes it appear to Netflix as though you’re browsing in a different country and so it will provide you with the library for that region.

4. Find Top-Rated Titles

When browsing, it can be difficult to tell whether a film or TV show is actually any good or not. For each title, there’s a short synopsis and a percentage score which predicts whether it’s a good match for you. But if you want any more information, you have to head to Google and then some other websites in your quest for knowledge. It’s effort. However, there are apps you can download, such as Upflix, which you can use to sort titles by their rating on IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes. Find a top-rated title, tap it and the app will take you directly to it on Netflix. It certainly simplifies things.

These are some brilliant tricks to help you find the best of the best TV shows and films on Netflix. Now, all you need to do is put your phone on silent, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy.

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