Onkyo and Pioneer Release Chromecast Built-In Voice Control Firmware Updates


Today sees two brands, namely Onkyo and Pioneer, release firmware updates on a range of their products that activate Chromecast built-in voice control. This intuitive firmware update supports Google Home and will support audio devices introduced in the future featuring Google Assistant. Chromecast built-in lets consumers share music from podcasts, Internet radio or other Chromecast-enabled … Read more

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless headphones – The headphones for the businessman!

Sennheiser are a well-known name among headphones and speakers. We have already given their Momentum range a little try, and have so far liked what we have heard. Their latest entry is the Sennheiser Momentum In Ear Wireless headphones. Inspired by the neckband style (as found on the LG Tone Infinim headphones), they bring you … Read more

War of Crown – Embrace your phone for the ultimate battle

Gamevil are preparing to release their latest game, War of Crown, on the 26th of April. The game pays tribute to the beloved strategy RPGs of the past. The game provides tactical challenges and allows players to implement carefully thought-out strategies. These include movement, position, elemental attribute and skills. Real-time PVP The game offers a … Read more

Driverless Cars Being Tested Between Oxford and London

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Until now, tests of driverless cars in Britain have not taken place on public roads but in 2019 that will change. A conglomerate of UK companies will test futuristic driverless vehicles on British roads and motorways within two years. The Driver consortium, led by driverless vehicle software company Oxbotica, will test autonomous cars between Oxford … Read more

Tackling Pet Obesity With Co-op Insurance and PitPat

  If you have an overweight pet, you will know how debilitating their weight problems can be for them. In fact, two thirds of vets name pet obesity as the largest health concern for British pets. Some owners use the ‘less food, more exercise’ approach to get their pets back into shape while some give … Read more

Leader to Mind-Reader: Facebook Unveils Plans for the Future

Is Facebook the leader in social connectivity? With over 1.8 billion monthly active users, that is a big yes! What is interesting is how Facebook is now taking the lead in AI and AR development as well. This week’s F8 developers’s conference unveiled cutting-edge projects in virtual reality & augmented reality, connectivity and AI. Virtual Ads for … Read more

Reolink Keen – A truly wireless security camera

The Reolink Keen is an entry into an already saturated marketplace. Its ability to be truly wireless sets it apart. With a wide angle lens, pan and tilt of 355 degrees and 105 degrees, 4 batteries and a wireless connection, you are good to go! Also included is a PIR sensor which is separate from the … Read more

Spotcam Sense – A fully featured camera with free cloud storage

We live in a world where security cameras are plenty. Each one we have tried is unique, and they all come with their pros and cons. SpotCam Sense is another entry to what looks like a reasonably saturated market. However, with a great image quality, lots of sensors and free cloud storage, this is one … Read more

Recover your deleted files easily with Wondershare’s Data-Recovery Software

We have all been there. The accidental delete. The format. The ‘oh no, I do need that folder!’. We have all been guilty of deleting files and folders by accident on our computers. Easily done, especially in auto-pilot mode. Wondershare has the answer for people like you and me. Using the Wondershare Data Recovery Software, … Read more