War of Crown – Embrace your phone for the ultimate battle

Gamevil are preparing to release their latest game, War of Crown, on the 26th of April. The game pays tribute to the beloved strategy RPGs of the past. The game provides tactical challenges and allows players to implement carefully thought-out strategies. These include movement, position, elemental attribute and skills.

Real-time PVP

The game offers a synchronous PVP mode, allowing players round the world to connect with each other. This is done over an advanced server, ensuring no lag or connectivity issues are experienced. As the game and the players develop, they will have to work on the best strategy each round. This will done after choosing a team of five characters. Top players will be ranked higher, and all players receive rewards based on their rank.

Key Features for War of Crown:

  • Tactics-RPG: Turn-based, chessboard-style RPG with rich story and stunning 3D-graphics
  • Real-Time-PVP: Real-time duels between players controlling parties of 5 characters each
  • Deep strategic gameplay: Maps feature different terrain heights and 6 weather effects that affect heroes’ elemental abilities
  • Elemental Heroes: Players can collect each hero in multiple elements, each with different visuals and skills
  • 7 ways to upgrade heroes using various rewards earned in each PvE mode
  • High-quality, full-3D graphics, 15 Story mode chapters, over 120 stages, more than 50 Daily Dungeon maps and over 300 unique skills

A quick trailer for the game is available below:


The game has been released on the 26th of April and will be available to play on both Android and iOS systems. The game is completely free for all users, and while there is the option to buy credits in the game, there are no limitations at all for users who do not choose to play.

You can download it using the following links:

The game will be available in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Traditional Chinese.

More information can be found on  Gamevil’s website.

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