Tackling Pet Obesity With Co-op Insurance and PitPat


If you have an overweight pet, you will know how debilitating their weight problems can be for them. In fact, two thirds of vets name pet obesity as the largest health concern for British pets. Some owners use the ‘less food, more exercise’ approach to get their pets back into shape while some give them less treats. Now it is possible to tackle the problem with a wearable activity monitor for dogs.

‘Doggy Fitbit’ manufacturers PitPat have partnered with Co-op Insurance to give all new pet insurance policy holders a free PitPat monitor. The device is designed to monitor your pet’s calorie intake and activity levels and communicates the data collected via smart technology. It was the brainchild of a Dragon’s Den entrepreneur named Andrew Nowell and can accommodate a range of over two-hundred breeds and all ages.

The device attaches to your dog’s collar with a Velcro strap. You must then download the PitPat app which will partner with your dog’s PitPat. The battery on the item lasts for one year. Even those with dogs at a healthy weight can benefit because it helps them to maintain their fitness levels and gives owners reassurance that their canine companion is meeting the recommended activity levels.

The thinking behind giving PitPat away to new policy holders is quite logical and subscribes to the theory that prevention is better than cure. Just as telematics black boxes have changed the way young drivers can insure their cars by monitoring their behaviour while behind the wheel and monitoring their habits and potential to be a good driver, PitPat could be potentially change the face of pet insurance policies y feeding real-time data back to provide a tailor-made policy based on the policy holder’s pet’s behaviour.

Resident Co-op Insurance vet, Matt Brash says: “Pet obesity is a rising problem in the UK, which, if left untreated can cause diabetes, heart disease and cancer, resulting in expensive veterinary treatment and emotional upset.”

You can read more about the Co-op Insurance offer here. The PitPat has a RRP £39.99 but is free to new policy holders until 20th October 2017.






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